Five Best Nike Air Max 97 Colorways For The Fall

One of the best Air Max models to ever be released is the Nike Air Max 97. As the name would suggest, this is a shoe that came out 25 years ago. It immediately became a beloved staple, and to this day, it still gets a lot of love. There are some iconic colorways to behold, but today, we are going in a different direction. Today, we are telling you about some amazing offerings that will serve you well in the autumn.

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Undefeated x Nike Air Max 97 “Militia Green”

Nike Air Max 97 "Undefeated - Militia Green"

Firstly, we are going with the Undefeated collaboration, pictured above. This shoe is called “Militia Green” and it is easy to see why. The upper is covered in a nice shade of what can be described as olive green. Overall, it is a very cool look that a lot of fans can appreciate. Not to mention, the Undefeated branding is all over the shoe, which definitely adds to the look. Although these may be for those who really like Undefeated as a brand. (Image via Stadium Goods)

“Nintendo 64”

NIKE Air Max 97 QS "Nintendo 64"

Secondly, we have an unofficial Nintendo collaboration. Nintendo is very litigious so Nike is lucky to have gotten away with this one. Here, we have a shoe that has the red, blue, yellow, and green colors of the Nintendo 64, on top of a grey base. This is meant to replicate the iconic controller that gamers know so well. Overall, this shoe has some cool details, including the power and reset buttons on the tongue. If you love retro gaming, these are for you. (Image via Stadium Goods)

Nike Air Max 97 “Slime Halloween”

Nike Air Max 97 "Slime Halloween"

How can you have a list of Fall sneakers without putting some sort of Halloween sneaker on it? Overall, this is a shoe that is mainly categorized by its black upper and green slime throughout. As far as Halloween shoes go, it isn’t exactly spooky. However, if you want to make a real statement with your fashion, then these will do the trick. (Image via Stadium Goods)

“Triple White”

Nike Air Max 97 "Triple White"

Subsequently, we have this triple-white model. Overall, this is a shoe that is just timeless. You can never go wrong with a shoe that is covered in white materials. Triple-white shoes exist across all brands and silhouettes which should tell you something. As far as the Fall is concerned, these are absolutely fantastic and you will definitely enjoy them. (Image via Stadium Goods)

Nike Air Max 97 “Black/Sport Red”

NIKE Air Max 97 "Black / Sport Red"

Instead of a triple-black colorway to close out the list, we went with something that is mostly black, but with a pop of color. As you can see here, the shoe has an all-over black upper, but with some red Nike swooshes for good measure. Overall, this leads to a cool colorway that will have you looking stealthy yet very stylish. (Image via Stadium Goods)

Let us know which of these colorways you like the best, in the comments section below.

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Updated: September 20, 2023 — 3:02 am