Femdot Releases “Buy One, Get One Free Vol 1.”

We haven’t received a whole lot of music from Femdot this year but whatever we have received has been flames. The rapper’s still riding the wave of 2019’s, 94 Camry Music and later released a live album from sessions with Audiomack. Along with the live sessions, he also teamed up with Ness Heads for “Die In A Flash.” So, overall, he hasn’t dropped any solo music over the course of the year.

He isn’t leaving fans completely empty-handed in 2020. The artist released a quick two-song combo over the weekend titled, Buy One, Get One Free Vol 1. The project includes “Lifetime” ft. Saba with production handled by monte booker and nabeyin. The other song featured is “Back Home” which is produced by Thelonious Martin. 

Check out Femdot’s latest offering below. 

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Updated: November 17, 2020 — 6:02 pm


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