Fat Joe Puts An End To Illuminati Rumors

Hip-hop icon Fat Joe is not letting is hard work go unnoticed. He took to Instagram live on Saturday (Oct. 21) to tell the world that everything he has, he worked for it. During the live, he candidly addressed the speculations surrounding his success and how he obtained it. Furthermore, he provided insights into his journey in the music industry. In the Instagram Live session, often referred to as Joey Crack by his fans, he addressed the prevalent misconceptions surrounding his achievements and celebrity status. Specifically, he shut down any link to the illuminati. Instead, he emphasized the significance of hard work and dedication in his life’s story.

“Some people start makin’ excuses and sayin’, ‘Yoo, they livin’ like that ’cause they did this, they Illuminati, they signed with a cult, they did this,’” Fat Joe began. He expressed his frustration at the tendency of some to attribute success to conspiracy theories or secret societies. Instead, he argued that his path to success was paved by relentless effort and a strong work ethic. In a world where the music industry can often be shrouded in mystery and intrigue, rumors of artists’ involvement in organizations such as the illuminati have persisted. Fat Joe, however, set the record straight, declaring that he has never crossed paths with the Illuminati or any other similar group.

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Fat Joe Doesn’t Want His Hard Work To Go Unnoticed

“I’ve met everybody. I’ve never met the Illuminati,” Fat Joe continued to declare. “So now what my theory is is you got people who’re frustrated with seeing other people being successful, and they make up this thing called Illuminati. “‘Cause you gotta be part of some shit because you rich, you gotta be part of some shit ’cause you got famous, you gotta be part of some sh*t because ‘there’s no way, I’ve tried everything.’”

The theories surrounding illuminati talk are even prevalent among other celebrities. In fact, earlier this month, Kanye West labeled Cardi B an illuminati plant according to a resurfaced clip. “Cardi B is a plant…she don’t write her raps. They put her there to try replace Nicki Minaj purposely she thinks it’s a blessing from the universe, it ain’t no f*cking blessing.” Let us know your thoughts on HNHH.

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Updated: October 24, 2023 — 3:02 am