EBONY FWD NATIONWIDE SPOTLIGHT ARTIST: Tiffanie Anderson Created An Art Medium That’s All Her Own

Tiffanie Anderson, known and celebrated as The Pretty Artist, took a unique route toward her craft, even though she didn’t pick up a paintbrush until her early twenties. 

“I was in a band called Girlicious, and we were signed to Interscope under the Pussycat Dolls umbrella,” she tells EBONY. “Being a part of that kind of group, you lose a sense of individuality, and your brain gets trapped in a loop of [what you are] doing and saying and hair and clothes. Pretty much everything in your life is centered around the brand of the band. I felt like I was losing myself and wanted to do something I enjoyed that had nothing to do with music or the group.” 

To reclaim her identity, Anderson branched out and wholly embraced another calling. Even though she had no formal art education, artistry was in her DNA, as she had made drawings as a child.

“I always enjoyed drawing when I was young,” she shares, “but drawing can be time-consuming, so I decided to try painting. The rest is history.” 

Anderson’s meteoric rise is a testament to her inherent and organic talent. Not only did she trade in her mic for a canvas, but she also developed her unique artistic medium. 

“My signature style is broken glass. I am the creator of that style, and if you see anybody else with that style, they copied it from me,” she declares. 

Anderson explains that the first layer of the artwork is painted, and the top layer is filled in with glass. “Sometimes the glass is clear, sometimes the glass is colored, but it just gives it that wow factor.” 

For EBONY FWD Art Basel, Anderson is featuring portraits of Martin Luther King, Barack Obama and Jean-Michel Basquiat. “Those are very powerful and influential Black men I am inspired by,” she reveals.  

“I just had a baby, and I haven’t painted anything in a year, so I wanted to come back onto the scene with a bang. These pieces are a new style that I’ve created. It features several layers of artwork that create a cool 3-D or 3-D effect. I’m very excited to showcase.” 

The multi-hyphenated pop artist from Los Angeles rapidly broke through the upper crust of artistic society. Her style garnered nationwide recognition, with pieces that can be longingly gazed upon, as viewers always find something new to digest in her work. 

Anderson’s devotion to her art only parallels her commitment to societal betterment. Her dedication to charitable outlets showcases her desire to bring about change in her community.  Collaborating with organizations like VH1’s Save The Music, Black Lives Matter, Heart for Haiti, WACO Wearable Art Foundation, Private School Village and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society—to name a few—her auctioned artwork is not just a donation; it’s a catalyst for change.  

It’s been an honor for Anderson to be selected as the Nationwide Community Crusader 2023. “I’ve done a lot of charity [work], hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth throughout the years, and I never really stopped to think about it too much,” she says.  

“I love sharing my art, especially for a good cause that will impact our community. Just being able to help make positive changes in my community doing something I already enjoy doing makes me feel so lucky.” 

Aligning seamlessly with Nationwide’s community initiatives, Anderson’s contributions help to raise significant funds that directly impact and uplift communities. Her art transcends the canvas, playing a crucial role in fostering educational opportunities, supporting housing projects and driving economic empowerment. 

“I definitely wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and I got to enjoy opportunities by people helping me along the way, so being able to give back and help others brings it full circle for me.” Anderson’s artistry has transcended into an expression of creative abundance and become a powerful vehicle for positive change. 

See Anderson’s work and other artists featured at EBONY FWD in Miami starting December 9.

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Updated: December 6, 2023 — 3:02 pm