Drake Continues To Troll Kendrick Lamar With Ominous IG Photo

Drake loves to play mind games on social media. He’s dropped plenty of diss tracks throughout his career (two in the last month, actually), but he understands the power of a meme. He’s mercilessly clowned Metro Boomin and Rick Ross on Instagram, but all the focus now seems to be on Kendrick Lamar. It’s easy to see why. Lamar broke his silence to bomb on Drake with two diss tracks in only a couple days. Drizzy has already confirmed a response is coming, but he wants to have fun with his competition in the meantime.

Drake posted a single, ominous image to his Instagram Story on May 3. The image was yellow caution tape. You know, the kind used to surround a crime scene. The Toronto rapper isn’t planning on getting violent with Lamar, but he definitely wants to strike fear in him. This implication of “lyrical homicide” is strong enough to be understood on its own, frankly. That being said, it takes on greater meaning when paired with the film clip Drake posted shortly before.

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Drake Teased His Upcoming Diss With Caution Tape

The 6 God loves his film references, and took a line from The Equalizer 2 to convey how he was feeling. “So I’m gonna kill each and every one of you,” the character played by Denzel Washington states. “And the only disappointment in it for me is that I’m only gonna get to do it once.” If Drake plans to do as he says (or as Denzel’s character says), than he’s going to need lots of yellow tape. The scene takes on even greater context when taken as a response to Lamar’s diss “6:16 In L.A.” Lamar claimed that the Toronto rapper had moles in his camp. He went as far as to say that 20% of the people on his payroll want to see him fail.

The Equalizer 2 clip subsequently works on two different levels. The first, and most obvious, is that Drake is the Denzel character who is going to wreak havoc. The second is that Denzel’s character is visiting an old friend to let him know that he’s aware of his betrayal. The friend (played by Pedro Pascal) is actually the person receiving the chilling threat in the scene. It’s telling that Drake uses The Equalizer 2 as the film to communicate his side of things, while he used 10 Things I Hate About You to address Lamar’s “Euphoria” diss. It’s safe to assume we’re going to get more cryptic (or not so cryptic) IG posts until Drake drops.

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Updated: May 4, 2024 — 3:03 am