Doe Boy Fires Back At Critics Over 9-Year-Old Rapper Collaboration

Cleveland rapper Doe Boy is fed up. He recently collaborated with 9-year-old aspiring rapper Lil RT for the song “60 Miles 2.” Social media was taken aback by the collab, mainly by Lil RT’s lyrics, claiming they’re extremely inappropriate for his age. While Lil RT does get very sexually explicit, Doe Boy claims he’s not promoting this type of behavior. However, Doe Boy is taking a stance against the naysayers who have had nothing positive to say towards Lil RT. In a video shared on social media, Doe Boy defended him. “I been seeing all the godd**n comments, and all the little posts, and the little tweets and all that shit, just hating on the lil’ n**ga,” Doe Boy said. He went on to emphasize that Lil RT is just a nine-year-old, and that in the context of their hood, his behavior is far from extraordinary.

“That sh*t lame as hell to me. At the end of the day, he nine years old. Think about, I don’t know, I don’t know if you from where we from, but from where I’m from, godd**n, that’s a regular little n**ga in the hood.” Doe Boy continued to set the record straight on why he’s taken the young artist under his wing. He defended him by saying, “All our young n**gas act like that. They run around cussing, bad as f**k. So it’s like … that s**t just not really nothing too crazy. It’s like s**t, at least he tryna do something positive though.” Moreover, Doe Boy highlights the fact that Lil RT is making an earnest attempt to channel his energy into something constructive. Rather than coming at the young rapper for his behavior, Doe Boy commends him for choosing music as his outlet.

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Doe Boy Defends Feature Choice

This highlights a crucial aspect of the debate: the significance of providing mentorship and guidance to young individuals who could otherwise be have gone a different route. Social media however was not feeling it on any accord. One of Lil RT’s lyrics in question: “f you ain’t suckin d**k, lil b**ch you could get the f**k up out my s**t.” Understandably, social media feels as though the vulgar language is far too inappropriate. “Nah, I cant get wit this,” one person wrote. “Oh lawd, send the flood IMMEDIATELY!” another said. “Sexually explicit lyrics need to be thrown out but beyond that lil homie sliding on this song,” another commented.

Despite facing continued criticism, Doe Boy remains resolute in his commitment to steer Lil RT in a more positive direction. When Doe Boy initially uploaded the video clip to his IG page, he included a warning message in his caption. “P.S. I’m not promoting child violence I’m encouraging him to embrace his talent and stay out of trouble so he can actually change his life before it’s too late.” While some people understood the vision, most want him to finish elementary school first. Let us know your thoughts on HNHH!

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Updated: October 28, 2023 — 3:02 am