DJ Akademiks Teases Release Of Drake’s Response Diss Tonight

The music world is on the cusp of something huge. Drake has been dropping subtle digs at Kendrick Lamar all week. He’s hade to, frankly. The Compton rapper has been demolishing him on record with two diss tracks in the span of six days. DJHed got fans hyped up for the release of a Drake response on May 2, but DJ Akademiks shut the rumor down. He got on the phone with streamer Kai Cenat and told fans not to prepare for anything. Ak’s tune changed, however, on May 3.

DJ Akademiks once again got on the phone with Cenat, only this time he told the streamer to be ready. “Stay on stream,” he told him. “I’m at a concert, and I’m going home. Just stay on stream, gang.” Cenat realized what Ak was implying, and immediately hyped. “Say no more,” he responded. Akademiks hyped up the 6 God fanbase further by tweeting out “It’s happening” on X without any additional context. The internet personality was steadfast in dismissing the earlier release date, which makes his confidence on this particular night so encouraging. Seems like the real deal.

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DJ Akademiks Is Hyping Up Drake’s Upcoming Release

Drake has certainly been setting the stage for a diss track. Lamar started May 3 off with the surprise diss “6:16 In L.A.,” but Drake has been posting ominous messages to Dot on Instagram. He posted a clip from the film The Equalizer 2, followed by an image of yellow caution tape. Akademiks isn’t the only one who is fanning the flame. Mal, of the New Rory And Mal Podcast, posted a photo of a fallout shelter sign on X. No caption or additional context, just a sign that reads: “shelter in basement.”

Drake has been known to communicate with both Akademiks and Mal in the past. Ak has even shared text conversations between him and Drake on his live stream. It’s unclear whether the podcasters have an inside line to the OVO camp or if they are simply going on a hunch, but either way, May 3 looks to be a much more promising candidate for a drop than May 2.

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Updated: May 4, 2024 — 3:03 am