DJ Akademiks Hypes Up Drake’s Alleged Response Diss “Hi Whitney”

Round two begins. Drake and Kendrick Lamar did not disappoint with their first round offerings. The former dropped “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle,” the latter opened and closed things out with “Like That” and “Euphoria.” These diss tracks have received critical praise across the board, but things are going to inevitably get uglier as the battle wears on. Lamar upped the ante by attacking the Toronto rapper from all angles. Drake made it clear he was unimpressed, though, and told DJ Akademiks that he’ll be dropping again soon.

The “soon” was communicated through DJ Akademiks, who shared a text exchange with Drake during his live stream. The internet personality has been an advocate for Drizzy throughout the battle, so it’ll come as no surprise that he’s excited for what lies ahead. The thing is, Ak did a good job of getting the rest of us excited as well. During his April 30 stream, Akademiks claimed to have to heard the response diss that Drake had cooked up. The response is allegedly titled “Hi Whitney.” Whitney is, of course, the name of Kendrick Lamar’s wife, Whitney Alford. Akademiks was predictably “impressed.”

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DJ Akademiks Was “Super Impressed” By The Track

“I was super impressed by it,” he told viewers. It was the second part of Ak’s statement, though, that really ramped up the anticipation. He claimed that Drake played the diss for him and assured him that things only get tougher from there. “He literally said, ‘If you think this is fire you have no idea what I got coming,’” he recalled. Drake made reference to Whitney Alford in “Push Ups,” but naming an entire song after her opens up an entirely new level of disrespect.

This level of disrespect is something DJ Akademiks has warned Drake about in the past. He hopped on a stream once “Push Ups” dropped, and went on a rant about how bad things went for the 6 God when he referenced Pusha T’s wife by name. “Drake… you did the same thing twice now,” Ak rightfully said. “You mentioned Virginia Williams or whatever, Pusha T’s wife. And you saw that n**ga took the gloves off, and we saw what happened.” Drake evidently weighed the consequences and has decided to go all in against K. Dot. This next round sounds like it’s going to be destructive.

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Updated: May 1, 2024 — 3:02 am