Dave Portnoy Claims “Real Housewives” Star DM’d Him Before Instagram Comment

Last week, Barstool founder and one-time failed Boston mayoral candidate Dave Portnoy got into a little Instagram beef. “If he [Tom Brady] wants to fuck her [Kim Kardashian], go fuck her in a motel and gossip and tell your friends … We’re not dating the Kardashians, Tom. If you go down to that level, we all go down. We’re better than that,” Portnoy, who is currently dating a woman 18 years his junior, ranted on Instagram. This turned into beef when Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan commented “Awesome. Does that mean Dave will take me to a motel? 🏨😇💃,” on a Page Six Instagram post.

Portnoy, who had to issue an apology for union-busting at Barstool in 2019, responded “With all due respect….gross.” to Morgan’s comment. Later, he went on to claim that he “didn’t know who she was” and found her “too old”. For reference, Morgan is 59 and Portnoy is 46. As mentioned earlier, Portnoy is currently dating a 28-year-old influencer. Subsequently, Portnoy received a lot of backlash for this response to Morgan. However, Portnoy is doubling down on the beef.

Portnoy Claims Previous DM From Morgan

Speaking on the BFFs Podcast, Portnoy continued his beef with Morgan. Specifically, he claimed that Morgan had previously DM’d him the same motel sex offer that she made in Page Six‘s Instagram comments. “Sonja Morgan from ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ responded to my video saying she wanted to f–k me in a motel. She actually DMed it to me,” Portnoy claimed. However, Portnoy, who does not show the DM during the episode, said he ignored the message. That’s when Morgan reportedly took the comment to Page Six‘s replies.

It sounds plausible given that Morgan, for whatever reason, wants to genuinely fuck Portnoy. However, the Barstool founder does not show the DM in question. Furthermore, the interaction must be taken with a grain of salt. Portnoy is obviously trying to push a narrative. He is, purportedly, the victim of this older woman’s advances. “Page Six tweeted at me, so like, are you going to fuck Sonja Morgan? To which I responded, ‘gross.’” Morgan is yet to respond to this latest claim.


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Updated: July 14, 2023 — 3:01 am