Danny Brown Reveals He’s Working On A New Solo Album

Danny Brown had a monstrous 2023. The rapper released his sixth studio album, Quaranta, to universal praise. He also dropped the feature-length collab Scaring the Hoes with JPEGMafia. The joint album took over the internet, and went on to become the most beloved release of both of their careers. Hip-hop has been waiting to see what Brown would do next, and he finally confirmed that he was back in the studio during a May 22 concert.

Danny Brown put on electric show at the Forum Kentish Town in London. The Detroit rapper took fans through a set list of some of his greatest hits, but the real takeaway from the show was that he is working on his next solo album. “What I will say,” he told the crowd. “I am working on my new album right now, so, as soon as I’m done with that sh*t, I’ll be right back here with you motherf*ckers.” The crowd went nuts over the news. Brown was encouraged by the response, and shared more information about the writing process.

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Danny Brown Claimed To Be Writing Every Night

“Every night after the show I’m in my hotel room,” he explained. “I’m writing new songs every night. I’m not f*cking with these b*tches no more.” The last line was said in a sardonic tone, but it still managed to get cheers from the members of the audience. To be fair to Danny Brown, he has taken a much healthier approach to making music that he did a decade prior. The rapper talked about the transition from heavy drug use to sober songwriting during a 2023 interview with NPR. “Once I got clean, it was like, no, that’s just you anyway,” he said, admitting to a fear of being a worse writer once clean. “I’m better than ever. It just took some time for me to get back to being me again.”

The mature outlook has manifested in his music. Quaranta is considered to be Brown’s most mature effort to date, and he attributed much of it to his new habits. “Now, me being older, I just want to be happy,” he reasoned. “Not doing sh*t that kills me, but sh*t that makes me [feel] live. And music is one of those things that I feel like that keeps me young. And just the hip-hop lifestyle in general. You don’t gotta be f* up to live the hip-hop lifestyle.” If Scaring the Hoes is anything to go by, we’d say Brown hasn’t lost any of his musical edge.

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