Chuck D Thinks Drake And Kendrick Lamar Should Tour Together

Chuck D was one of the most controversial and combative rappers of all time during his prime. He had no problem taking it to anybody that criticized his message. That being said, the Public Enemy rapper is not one to promote division for division’s sake. He’s been watching the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle like the rest of the world, and while there are aspects he’s enjoyed, he’d prefer to see the two stars make up. Chuck D went as far as to suggest that they should reunite with J Cole and take the “Big Three” on tour.

Chuck D hopped on X (formerly Twitter) May 5 to set the record straight on the Drake vs. Lamar battle. He clarified that he was team Lamar, but felt that both men would be better serving the genre by banding together and presenting a unified front. He included J. Cole in his hopes. “These fantastic 3 rappers (I’m biased for KL) have songs that never will get this public attention,” he noted. “Hence this low hanging kid sh*t turns casuals heads.” Chuck D felt the best possible outcome for hip-hop fans would be a tour. “Get them all on a TOUR so we can pick seats,” he added.

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Chuck D Thinks A Reconciliation Would Benefit Hip-Hop

The Public Enemy rapper also noted the difference between rap now and when he got into the game. He pointed out how he was considered “old” when he hit his 30s, yet Drake, Cole and Lamar are all pushing 40. “I didn’t make music for kids, but if they got it, it wouldn’t ROT them,” he explained. “When I turned 30, I was old in Rap. Same with 40, 50, 60. Now, with all going on in the world, 40 year olds asking me about 3 millionaire great rappers beefing.”

There have been lots of veteran rappers who have weighed in on the Drake vs. Lamar battle. Memphis Bleek voiced his support for Lamar, as did Rodney O from the duo Rodney O & Joe Cooley. Bun B didn’t pick a side, but he had a more positive take on the situation than Chuck did. He took to Instagram to say that as long as there isn’t violence involved, rap beef is entertaining for the fans. “Fans get more music done on a high level,” he asserted. “No one is physically hurt. Enjoy it! I know I am!”

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Updated: May 7, 2024 — 3:01 am