Cam’ron Says He’s “Not Allowed” To Drop His Joint Album With Mase

Cam’ron and Mase have had a long, bizarre history together. They played basketball together in high school, became rap superstars with different crews, and then became the hosts of the It Is What It Is podcast. There was some friction along the way, but Cam and Mase have become better friends than ever, and have even recorded music together. The former wants to release it, and loves talking about it. The latter, though, doesn’t want anything to drop until it’s time.

Time for what? Well, Cam’ron doesn’t know either. The rapper hopped on Instagram Live to confirm that him and Mase have enough music for a full-length album. He also revealed that Murda Mase has kept the music under lock-and-key. “Me and Mase got an album,” he asserted. “He said we can’t put it out! I don’t know what it’s about. We did six-seven songs. We do the songs and then he say, ‘No.’”

Cam’ron assured fans that he is eager to put them out, but he doesn’t want to go against the wishes of his partner-in-crime. “I don’t know what Mase is saving them for,” he added. “But we got songs together and not together. I’m just not allowed to play them.”

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Cam’ron Said Mase Wants To Withhold Their Music

It’s obvious that Cam’ron is eager to put new music out. He dropped a freestyle to promote the fourth season of It Is What It Is, and fans flooded the IG comment section asking for a new album. Cam’s last release was the 2023 mixtape The Lost Tapes Vol. 1, but he’s repeatedly talked up how good his stuff with Mase is in particular. “Them sh*ts is hot too,” he noted. “I ain’t gonna front, he got some real, real, real good songs. What he holding onto them for? I can’t answer that.”

Hopefully Cam’ron coerces Mase into putting the album out. The former might take a long time with new releases, but Mase hasn’t dropped a project since Welcome Back in 2004. He put the battery back in the pack for the Diddy diss “Oracle 2: The Liberation of Mason Betha” in 2022, which has aged wonderfully given Diddy’s current legal situation. Excluding this standalone single, though, Mase hasn’t been on a song since Eric Bellinger’s “Nothing” in 2014.

It’s officially time for a comeback, and it seems like Cam’ron is slowly setting the stage for it.

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Updated: May 1, 2024 — 3:02 am