Bow Wow Accused Of Stealing Jermaine Dupri’s Dads’ “Scream Tour” Name

Bow Wow is being accused of doing bad business. In a legal dispute that has recently emerged, Michael Mauldin, the father of Jermaine Dupri, has taken legal action against Bow Wow and the Black Promoters Collective. According to court documents acquired by AllHiphop, in his lawsuit, Mauldin cited trademark infringement and various other grievances. The core of the lawsuit asserts that Bow Wow and the group of promoters engaged in the unauthorized use of Mauldin’s trademarked name, Scream Tour, for a tour launched in 2023.

However, Mauldin initiated the use of the Scream Tour name for live events back in 2001, and he enlisted Bow Wow’s participation for the very first Scream Tour and subsequent tours. Additionally, the lawsuit argued that Bow Wow’s intimate professional relationship with Mr. Mauldin made him undoubtedly aware of the Scream Tour trademark. The lawsuit underscores a fundamental issue related to intellectual property rights and the alleged misuse of Mauldin’s registered trademark.

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Mauldin Claims Bow Wow Was Aware Of The Trademark

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Moreover, Mauldin, as the legal owner of the Scream Tour trademark, contends that Bow Wow and the Black Promoters Collective proceeded with their tour without obtaining the necessary permissions or licenses to utilize his trademarked name. This unauthorized use not only potentially infringes on Mauldin’s rights but also raises questions about the legitimacy and branding of the new tour. Also, the lawsuit noted that, “Upon Mauldin Brand’s discovery of Defendants’ use of the Infringing Marks, Mauldin Brand sent some or all of the Defendants a cease and desist letter regarding their use of the Infringing Marks.”

“Despite receiving notice and having prior notice, Defendants chose to continue using the Infringing Marks and pursuing the U.S. trademark applications for the Infringing Marks,” the paperwork continued. In this instance, Michael Mauldin’s legal action signifies his intent to protect his trademarked property and seek redress for any harm or confusion caused by the unauthorized use of the Scream Tour name. In addition, Mauldin is pursuing both monetary compensation and a legal order (injunction) against the defendants. Additionally, he petitioned for a jury trial to resolve the issue. Stay tuned to HNHH to see how the legal matter will unfold and what resolution, if any, will be reached between the involved parties.

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