Blueface Recalls Jaidyn Alexis Catching Him Having Sex With Chrisean Rock

It’s no secret that Blueface and all of his relationships have gotten pretty messy in recent months. In September, him and Chrisean Rock welcomed their first child, Chrisean Jr., together. He wasn’t actually present for his arrival, though details as to why remain fuzzy. Instead, he was seen living it up in Miami with the mother of his first two children, Jaidyn Alexis.

Following their son’s birth, things have only gotten more complicated between the two Cr*zy In Love stars. Blueface took aim at Chrisean’s parenting skills in the weeks following the delivery, and they appeared to be over for good. They then appeared in his music video together, much to fans’ surprise. It appeared that they were at least on reasonable terms at that point, however, things took a turn when the “Thotiana” performer posted a photo of their infant son’s genitals online. For obvious reasons, this sparked a lot of concern from Chrisean as well as his followers.

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Blueface Says Jaidyn Alexis Came At “A Bad Time”

For now, Blueface has turned his attention back to Jaidyn, and has been spending a lot of his time promoting her new career as a rapper. She just dropped her track “Barbie,” and so far, listeners seem to be impressed. Though things between them appear to be going well as of late, their relationship hasn’t always been easy. When Blueface started getting involved with Chrisean, for example, this led to a great deal of drama for the pair. They recently appeared on The Jason Lee Show, reflecting on an instance where Jaidyn caught a glimpse of him and Chrisean together, and saw entirely more than she bargained for.

She just came and it was a bad time,” Blueface explained. “I was getting my d**k sucked. We had the mirror set up. Something was tooted up. She might have seen some bootyhole on the way in.” He went on, detailing the fight that took place afterwards. “She walk in, d**k hard, Jason,” he recalled. “I’m like hold up, hold up. I can’t even protect myself. They violated me, Jason. Her mama was there…D**k hard as hell, Jason. Butt-naked, trying to break up a fight. They in here throwing cheeseburgers and s**t, telephones. I’m looking at her like, what’s going on?” Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Blueface, Jaidyn Alexis, and Chrisean Rock.

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Updated: October 19, 2023 — 3:02 am