Blueface Cuddles His Son, Chrisean Rock Brags About 2-Month-Old’s $500K Bank Account

Despite all the time he spent renouncing his role in fathering Chrisean Rock’s baby, Blueface seems to be spending at least some time with his son two months into Junior’s life. When the baby was just a few weeks old, his father made the questionable decision to share an NSFW photo of his hernia on social media in an attempt to hold Rock accountable for following through with surgery. Unfortunately, the post only landed the 26-year-old even less favour online as his co-parent threatened to take legal action against him. However, she seems to have since changed her mind in favour of encouraging a relationship between Blue and their baby.

In the clip below, a shirtless Junior tugs on his father’s sweater as they sit in a vehicle together. The little boy’s brown corduroy bottoms look huge as he attempts to pull himself up and closer to Blue. “Papa’s only two months,” someone wrote over the clip, marvelling over how big that infant has grown since his birth in September.

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Blueface Bonds with His Third Baby

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While the California native is spoiling his thirdborn with time and affection, Rock is taking care of the young boy financially. “I put $40K on my son’s neck [before] he can walk/talk,” she bragged on Twitter on Friday (November 10). “But that don’t even matter, I pray and read the word to him every day. It’s not what [you] can give them, it’s what you can leave inside them.”

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Chrisean Rock Brags About Recent Accomplishments

“My child is blessed, so we are thankful [for] this lifestyle,” Rock added. “My child won’t have to struggle like I did, be hungry like I was, or [be] neglected and left behind like I was. AMEN THANK YOU JESUS.” Do you think that a romantic reconciliation is in the cards for her and Blueface? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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Updated: November 11, 2023 — 3:02 am