Big Sean & Fivio Foreign Join Hit-Boy On “Salute”

At this point, it goes without saying that Hit-Boy is having a prolific year, having laced entire albums for Nas and Benny The Butcher — both of which received no shortage of acclaim. Now, the producer slash rapper is looking to keep the streak alive, coming through to deliver a brand new single called “Salute” with Big Sean and Fivio Foreign, both of whom he linked with earlier on Detroit 2 and Nas’ King’s Disease respectively.

Here, Hit-Boy opts to serve up a triumphant anthem, proving that he’s a man of many talents with a dexterous opening verse. “I bought her a CC and I wasn’t first, Disgusting what bitches’ll do for a purse,” he spits. “Disgusting what ni*gas will do for the clout / I’m one of the realest, the real ones can vouch.” His flow segues effectively into a verse from Big Sean, who keeps pace while sliding in a few choice throwback references. “Me and HB going Juvi’ and B.G, They gotta put my face on a box of Wheaties,” he spits, before later mentioning Jeezy’s TM 101 project. Closing things out is Fivio Foreign, whose uncontainable energy ensures that “Salute” closes with an emphatic note.

Check it out for yourself now, and sound off — is Hit-Boy slept on as an emcee?


I bought her a CC and I wasn’t first
Disgusting what bitches’ll do for a purse
Disgusting what ni*gas’ll do for the clout
I’m one of the realest, the real ones can vouch
They thought I was done but all that shit out
You gotta play my new shit in surround

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Updated: November 18, 2020 — 11:02 am


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