Bia Shared That She Dealt With Depression & Drug Use Before “Best On Earth” Dropped

It was in October 2019 when Russ and Bia released their fan-favorite “Best On Earth,” a single that caught the attention of Rihanna. While things looked good on the surface, Bia recently spoke about that time in her life, sharing that she was dealing with a heavy bout of depression. Seven days prior to “Best On Earth” hitting streaming services, Bia was released from her contract and was officially an independent artist. It was an uncertain time in her life as she felt that the cards were stacked against her, and then, she and Russ took over with their single that Rihanna helped make a viral hit.

“That time in my life, I was coming off the craziest depression,” Bia told the hosts of Angela Yee’s Lip Service. “Just miserable. I was doing drugs, I was doing everything to cope with my depression. I had days where I was, I would never contemplate suicide but if I don’t got this, I don’t got sh*t. It was like, I didn’t even know myself at that time and I felt helpless so prayer and God really like…and Rihanna.”

“So many people had counted me out,” Bia added. “I just think so many people gave up on me and that’s the beauty of it.” She confessed that “Best on Earth” was the song that “gave me an outlet and opened doors for me. It changed my life.” The hosts wanted to know which male celebrity slid into her DMs once the song dropped, and Bia curved the question and instead answered that Rihanna was the first person to hit her up.

“Russ posted the snippet and I posted the snippet and then she DM’d me and was like, ‘B*tch, this sh*t is hard, send it to me.’ And I was like, ‘B*tch I’ll send it right now!'” Watch Bia’s interview below.

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Updated: November 18, 2020 — 2:01 am


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