Amber Rose Defends Her Pro-Trump Stance After Fans Attack Her

Amber Rose is no stranger to controversy. She’s been criticized for being outspoken on sensitive issues, or for airing out the dirty laundry of her polarizing ex, Kanye West, on social media. Her latest controversy may be her biggest yet, however. The model recently posed for a photo with Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, and was immediately criticized by fans online. Many were taken aback to learn Rose was an avid Trump supporter, given the various causes she’s lobbied for over the years.

Amber Rose posted the pic of her and the Trumps on her Instagram with the caption “Trump 2024.” This made it very clear that she was in support of the President’s current campaign, and not merely grabbing a photo with another celebrity. Fans took Rose to task for siding with someone who’s politics have stood in direct opposition to her own. “Imagine being an advocate for women’s rights and endorsing Trump and his party who reversed Roe V Wade,” one user wrote. “Wild.”

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Amber Rose Dismisses Critics As “Brainwashed”

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Another, actor Amber Whittington, doubled down on Rose’s seemingly contradictory stance. “Damn Amber, You’re a Bisexual woman of color that runs a movement that stands up for Women’s rights and their power against anyone that abuses it,” she wrote. “That’s literally OPPOSITE of what he supports…smdh.” Rose must have read some of these comments, because she to them on IG. She labeled those who dismissed Trump as “brainwashed.” The model also had some harsh words for President Biden.

“Lmaooo y’all think Biden cares about black ppl??? Sad. Do your research,” Rose wrote. “I did. I’ll always put women first.” She then went on to mention trans rights and abortion as topics on which she agrees with the ex-President. “Y’all want biological men in women’s sports,” she added. “Trump supports the most reasonable compromise on abortion. Stop being brainwashed, cuz WE’RE ppl of color. Make your own decisions.”

Amber Rose is one of the most notable Trump supporters in the hip-hop world since her aforementioned ex, Kanye West, met with the President in 2018. The rapper also ran against Trump in the 2020 election.

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Updated: May 21, 2024 — 3:03 am