Adam22 & Wack 100 Pick Their Sides & Debate The Tory Lanez Case

Adam22 recently had Wack 100 on the No Jumper podcast to discuss a lot of things, whether it was the host’s adult tape controversies or the guest’s controversial management of 6ix9ine. As if those weren’t enough ruffled feathers, they also debated the Tory Lanez case. Specifically, the two men argued over whether the Canadian artist actually shot Megan Thee Stallion, what the consequences for his guilty verdict will be, and whether he will complete his ten-year sentence. Adam took Megan’s side, whereas Wack defended Tory as innocent in this. Overall, it didn’t make the situation any less complex to discuss, but no one’s convincing anyone of anything anytime soon.

Furthermore, Wack 100 believes that Tory Lanez will be home in two years, beating gun enhancement charges on appeal and fighting in court for that process. In addition, the music executive believes that Kelsey was the one who shot Megan, and that it was their gun in the first place. Adam22 pushed back on the two years claim, and expressed his belief that he’s never coming back into the United States. That being said, he did say that Tory “shot that b***h in the foot,” which is a bit of a backhanded defense of a victim of domestic violence.

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Adam22 & Wack 100 Going Back & Forth Over Tory Lanez

Regardless of Adam’s arguments, Wack maintained that Kelsey and Megan fought over the gun. In addition, he responded to Adam bringing up Tory Lanez’s apologetic phone call by saying that he never actually admitted to shooting Megan. Instead, Wack explained that he was just apologizing for getting the two women involved in a love triangle situation. Then, Adam basically wrapped up shop with the assessment that the “Hurts Me” MC was unwise to make that call from jail regardless of what he confessed to, because it contributed to his conviction.

Meanwhile, with more letters of support for Tory emerging from artists, celebrities, and, this case and debate is far from over. It’s very concerning how toxic the discussion has become, but it’s also at least somewhat more measured now that we know the verdict and sentence. We’ll see how the narrative around this on both sides shifts in the future. For more news and the latest on Adam22, Wack 100, and Tory Lanez, stick around on HNHH.

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Updated: August 20, 2023 — 3:02 am