Actress Bresha Webb Opens Up About Life as a New Mom

Just three short months ago actress Bresha Webb further extended her resume with the addition of her latest role, mom. Welcoming her beautiful baby girl Brave in March, the “Run the World” star says there are good days and bad days—especially as she navigates breastfeeding.

“It’s definitely a journey. A lot of fun, lots of sleepless nights—I’m going off of three hours right now,” Webbs tells EBONY over Zoom from her daughter’s nursery. “But it’s also something I could not have imagined would bring so much joy and beauty into my life. I froze my eggs five years ago, and I honestly didn’t know if I wanted kids at that time, but I did so as an assurance. Then, I met my husband and I thought, ‘maybe motherhood is something I would want.’ And, we became pregnant without having to use any of the eggs. I guess God had his own plan.”

Describing baby Brave as her twin, the new mom opens up further about nursing, the importance of having a village and support in this season and the product that is almost single handedly getting her through it all.

EBONY: What gems or lessons have other women in your family or community taught you that have truly been beneficial as far as motherhood?

Bresha Webb: It’s definitely a blessing to be able to breastfeed as I know not everyone is able to. So I took it as a beautiful blessing. My good sis, Angel Tanskley—who is Brave’s godmother—has been such an amazing help to me. It’s really been about talking to women who are pros at this. As a breastfeeding mom, you always feel like you’re behind as a new mom. But my village came up with an amazing plan and strategy for me.

I breastfeed every two hours no matter what and the next time we went to the pediatrician, Brave was at or above all her marks. Also, pumping has been a tremendous help. I’ve been using Willow and it allows me to be on the go. I actually got to go out with some of my girlfriends the other night for the first time as a new mom. It’s just like this new club I’m getting to and I’m so grateful for it.

Bresha Webb and daughter Brave. Image: Courtesy of Willow.

What other ways has your village surrounded you so far in this journey, and why is it important to have a village?

Webb: It’s so important. If anything it’s made me really step up to the plate as a friend. Now that I’m on this side, I have a deeper appreciation for my friend groups especially the moms. My village is absolutely incredible. I’m actually the last one to join the motherhood club. They came in to wash dishes, watch Brave so I can shower and even started a food train for us when she was born. Just those time of them coming over to check on me and even hold space for me, has meant the world. In the end, your village is a reflection of who you are so I am very grateful to receive the gifts that I’ve also given them over time.

Have you gotten back to work yet? If so, how are you now balancing it all?

Webb: Having a baby just enhances the work and makes everything more purposeful. I feel so much creative energy. I’m back out there. I’m taking meetings, looking for the next opportunity and even pitching new shows. The balance is there and I’m grateful for my husband and village to help me. It’s new and I’m getting used to it all.

Webb on a stroll. Image: Courtesy of Willow.

What are some of the life lessons that you want to instill in Brave as she grows?

Well one I want her to know that she is brave, like her name. I had a very hard pregnancy and she stayed strong, so I want her to know that she’s a fighter. I can tell by her little fists always balled up. I want her to know she can do it all. My faith in God, man, I have so much to impart on her so she can win no matter what.

My father passed two years ago and she looks so much like him. She reminds me so much of him, so I feel he’s given me a gift in her and it’s a reminder from him that I’m going to be okay. I also want her to know everything about him, too.

You mentioned that you use Willow for your breastfeeding journey. Is there anything else you want women out there to know?

Webb: I want more women to not be intimidated by breastfeeding. Most women that I talk to get discouraged. Don’t get me wrong, you will have your days—I’m having a day right now. But I want women, especially in our community, to be inspired by all these products coming out, especially Willow. You don’t have to lose so much of your time and energy anymore. At the same time, I want them to be encouraged. Using the product and being hands-free really does help. I just want to be that light and hopefully encourage more women to just try.

Updated: June 21, 2024 — 12:02 pm