9 Soulful Holiday Albums You Should Have In Rotation

Christmas albums play a huge role in setting the festive mood and creating memories during the holiday season. Whether you’re decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, or enjoying a cozy evening with loved ones, the right Christmas album can enhance the atmosphere and bring joy to the occasion.

Black Christmas albums are a significant part of the rich musical heritage celebrated during the holiday season. These albums showcase the immense talent and creativity of Black artists, offering a soulful perspective on the festive spirit. From gospel-infused melodies, with a Washington DC flavor of Go-Go music to R&B renditions of classic carols, Black Christmas albums bring a distinct flavor to the traditional holiday

With our list of Christmas albums, we will explore and appreciate the contributions of Black artists in creating memorable and cherished Christmas albums that should continue to be in your rotation every holiday season.

Chuck Brown, The Spirit of Christmas

Chuck Brown, the late and esteemed musician, is indeed recognized as the Godfather of Go-Go music, a vibrant subgenre of funk that originated in Washington, DC. Known for its infectious rhythms and energetic live performances, Go-Go music incorporates specific rhythmic patterns and encourages audience participation through call and response. He brings his renditions of Christmas classics such as “Silent Night” and “This Christmas.”

Ashanti, Ashanti’s Christmas

Ashanti, known for delivering timeless hits, has once again confirmed her musical pedigree with this Christmas album. With her angelic R&B sound, she has truly understood the assignment when it comes to capturing the essence of the holiday season. One standout track from the album is “Hey Santa,” for which she even released a music video, setting the perfect holiday vibe. Her Christmas album showcases her ability to infuse holiday classics with her unique style, offering a fresh and enjoyable take on beloved songs.

Destiny’s Child, 8 Days of Christmas

Destiny’s Child, this legendary R&B group, has consistently captivated audiences with their mesmerizing melodies and undeniable talent. Their Christmas album holds a special place in the hearts of fans, as it brings a unique and memorable experience that resonates with listeners year after year. One standout track from the album, “8 Days of Christmas,” holds a nostalgic charm, evoking memories of watching the music video on popular music channels like BET and MTV.

Mariah Carey, Merry Christmas

Mariah Carey, has undeniably established herself as a prominent figure in the realm of Christmas music. Her iconic holiday hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” has become the theme song for the holiday season. It has gained immense popularity and has become a staple in holiday playlists worldwide. From the moment November arrives, Mariah’s timeless track fills the airwaves, spreading holiday cheer and setting the mood for celebrations leading up to Christmas day

The Temptations, Christmas Card

The Temptations, have made holiday history with their timeless rendition of “Silent Night.” This classic Christmas song holds a special place within many Black households and has become a beloved staple of holiday playlists. The group’s soulful harmonies bring a unique and captivating interpretation to this cherished carol.

Brandy, Christmas with Brandy

Image: courtesy of Motown Records.

Brandy, known as the “vocal bible,” is giving fans her highly anticipated first Christmas album. With the release of the lead single “Christmas Party for Two,” Brandy sets the tone for a festive and romantic holiday season. The lyrics, “I’ll be your present, just give me your presence. That’s all I’m asking of you,” evoke a heartfelt sentiment, inviting listeners to cherish the joy of togetherness during this special time of year. Brandy’s Christmas album promises to create the perfect ambiance for couples, encouraging them to embrace the magic of the season and create lasting memories under the mistletoe.

Jackson 5, Christmas Album

Jackson 5

The Jackson 5, indeed gifted the world with a timeless classic with “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” This beloved Christmas song, released in 1970, quickly became one of their most popular and enduring holiday hits. With their youthful energy and soulful harmonies, the Jackson 5 brought a fresh and joyful interpretation to this festive tune. Over the years, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” has continued to captivate audiences, remaining a cherished favorite during the holiday season.

LaFace Records, A LaFace Family Christmas


LaFace Records, has a reputation for nurturing and launching the careers of iconic artists such as Toni Braxton, TLC, Babyface, and many others. In the realm of Christmas music, LaFace Records has curated a collection that showcases the talent and creativity of its artists. From TLC’s hip-hop rendition of “Sleigh Ride” to a soulful and bass-heavy rendition of “This Christmas” by a young Usher, the album offers a fresh and contemporary take on holiday classics. The album also serves as an introduction to the groundbreaking duo Outkast, with their debut recording “Player’s Ball.”

Boyz II Men, Christmas Interpretation 

Boyz II Men, has left an indelible mark on the holiday music landscape. Their soulful renditions of Christmas classics, ranging from the upbeat “Let It Snow” to the heartfelt “Silent Night,” have become beloved staples not only in households worldwide but also in department stores and various public spaces during the holiday season.

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