6ix9ine Hulu Doc Is “Cap” Says Rapper’s Manager: “Don’t Support This Trash!”

The tale of Daniel Hernandez’s rise to fame continues to captivate audiences, and now it’s Hulu’s turn to share a documentary about Tekashi 6ix9ine. On Monday (November 16), Hulu unveiled 69: The Saga of Daniel Hernandez, a documentary directed by Vikram Gandhi that comes on the heels of Showtime’s three-part 6ix9ine series Supervillain. The already controversial features have struck a nerve in the rapper’s camp as his manager, Murda Murphy of Electric Feel Management, shared a few thoughts about both programs.

“The Hulu & Showtime @6ix9ine projects!! Are both unauthorized!!” Murda Murphy wrote on his Instagram Story. “Nothing to do with us!! Zero!! The people in these talking are [cap emoji]! Are not involved with us in anyway!!” He then encouraged 6ix9ine’s fans not to stream either documentary. “Don’t support this trash!! When @6ix9ine does something you’ll be the first to know! [heart emoji].”

The 69: The Saga of Daniel Hernandez film is described as “part investigative documentary, part real-life gangster movie” that chronicles the rapper’s life as a troll-turned-chart-topping artist who then adds his name into rap infamy as he becomes a federal informant against his Nine Trey Gangsta Blood associates. 

Check out the trailer and Murda Murphy’s message below.

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Updated: November 17, 2020 — 4:01 am

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