50 Cent Reacts To Chris Tucker Joke About Michael Jackson Loving “In Da Club”

Michael Jackson was apparently a big 50 Cent fan, as he even tried to call The Game so they could squash their beef. Moreover, the G-Unit mogul recently found a clip of Chris Tucker joking about the King of Pop’s love for his massive hit, “In Da Club.” Overall, Fif found it quite amusing, especially considering fans who might not have known about the connection between these two. On Sunday (August 20), he took to Instagram to share the clip in question, captioning it with “yo chris is cr*zy, who didn’t like that one LOL.” If you didn’t think that MJ was tapped in with other music during his era, then think again.

“He liked rap,” Chris Tucker said of the musical and cultural icon. “He liked that 50 Cent song ‘In Da Club,’ he liked the beat. So he’d be jamming to the beat. We’d be riding in the car and Michael would just be jamming to the beat. It’s cool until you start saying the words. That’s when it sound cr*zy.” Then, the actor and comedian imitated Michael Jackson singing along to the 2003 banger.

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50 Cent Shares Chris Tucker Anecdote About Michael Jackson Blasting “In Da Club”

“[I said] ‘Michael, Michael, no! Don’t sing the words. Please,’” Chris Tucker continued of his 50 Cent fandom. “[He replied] ‘I love that song, Chris! I love that beat. I love it, Chris. That is a cold-blooded beat. Of course I wouldn’t go in the club with a bottle full of ‘bub, Chris. I wouldn’t do that! But I love that song!’ ‘It doesn’t sound right, Mike.’ ‘I know but I love it!’” If anything, this anecdote might make you wonder what other rap hits Michael Jackson was a big fan of. For what it’s worth, they don’t get bigger than “In Da Club.”

Meanwhile, much like the Thriller superstar himself, the New York MC has maintained his status as a legend within music. In fact, during his recent tour stop, he expressed shock and awe at the sight of a nine-year-old fan in the stands. Just goes to show that tracks like “In Da Club” still hold a lot of weight, and a Michael Jackson cosign can’t hurt. Regardless, log back into HNHH for the latest news and updates on 50 Cent.

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Updated: August 22, 2023 — 3:02 am