50 Cent Confirms That Dr Dre Will Produce Eminem’s New Album

The Eminem hype cycle has begun. The rapper has been quiet for nearly four years, but fans are feening for what he has to say on his upcoming album. Not just because he’s been gone for so long, but because the title of the album is, provocatively, The Death of Slim Shady. Em will be closing the book on his iconic alter ego, which means he will be bringing it back to the beginning of his career. 50 Cent popped up in the teaser video for the album to call Slim a “psychopath.” The bigger revelation came on Instagram, though, when the rapper hinted at the album’s production.

50 Cent hopped in the comment section of The Death of Slim Shady teaser to hype up fans even more. He announced that Dr Dre, the man who put both him and Em on, will be producing the album. “This sh*t got some heat on it,” he wrote. “Dre back at it!.” This is music to the ears of Eminem fans, since Dre was crucial in developing the Slim Shady persona. He produced the rapper’s breakout single, “My Name Is,” and served as an executive producer on The Slim Shady LP. He also provided beats and creative input for Em’s subsequent four releases.

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Eminem Hasn’t Worked Closely With Dre In Decades

Dr. Dre has continued to work with Eminem over the years, but his involvement has lessened. He only worked on the interludes for the rapper’s most recent album, Music to Be Murdered By. He was nowhere to be found on Kamikaze, and received only an executive producer credit on Revival. 50 makes it sound like Eminem and Dre are linking back up in a more significant way than they have in decades. The two men haven’t lost any respect for each other in this time. If anything, their appreciation for each other’s abilities has grown.

Dr. Dre praised Eminem’s lyricism during a recent appearance on This Life of Mine with James Corden. He went as far as to call Em the greatest rapper of all time. “His imagination is off the charts, and I don’t think anyone would disagree with that,” he noted. “I think he’s the best MC ever. Point blank, period. I don’t think anyone that’s rapping can touch Eminem on that microphone.” It’ll be exciting to see what these two cook up for Slim Shady’s final chapter.

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Updated: April 27, 2024 — 3:01 am