5 Tools Every Grilling Pro Should Have on Deck

Summer is in full swing and BBQ season is officially here. If you’re anything like us, you don’t need a reason or special occasion to cook out. We’re grilling everything, all the time, and making sure we have the best tools to help us get the job done.

Whether you’re a seasoned BBQ pro or an up-and-coming grill master in training, here are five of the best accessories to use while grilling.

Winco Extra Heavyweight Utility Tongs

Perhaps the most versatile and efficient of all the grilling utensils, tongs come in handy in situations when a simple spatula or fork just won’t cut it. These Winco Utility Tongs can be used for any type and cut of meat, and with a length of 16 inches, they enable you to quickly reach food in the very back of the grill, minimizing the risk of burns.


UTPH Series Heavy Duty Heat Resistant Utility Tong

Price: $17

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Williams Sonoma Stainless Steel Skewers

Grilling smaller pieces of meat (like on kabobs) is a great way to cook your meat faster, while also guaranteeing each bite is infused with flavor. To prepare these, you’ll need some high quality skewers. This set of stainless steel skewers features pointed tips, easily-graspable handles and a square shape to ensure food won’t spin when you rotate the skewer.


Williams Sonoma
Stainless-Steel Skewers

Price: $15 (set of 6)

Shop at Williams Sonoma

OXO Basting Pot and Brush Set

What’s barbecue without the sauce? When grilling, thorough basting is essential. That’s why this basting pot and brush set is the perfect grillside companion. The stainless steel pot can hold 18-ounces of sauce. Its accompanying basting brush is made with flexible silicone bristles, perfect for painting on as much sauce as your heart desires.


Basting Pot and Brush

Price: $28

Shop at Oxo

Thermoworks Thermapen One

To prevent accidental undercooking, it is important to use a thermometer and make sure the meat has reached a safe minimum internal temperature. Thermoworks Thermapen One provides a full and accurate temperature reading in one second or less. Its automatic backlight makes the screen visible in all lighting conditions, and it also comes with a durable, waterproof case and five-year warranty.


Thermapen ONE

Price: $70

Shop at ThermoWorks

Stainless Steel Steam Cleaning Grill Brush

When all the cooking is finished, there’s one last thing that must be done before closing up the grill—cleaning it. Sharper Image’s stainless steel steam cleaning grill brush is made with an aluminum alloy body and steel bristles. Simply fill it with hot water and hit the button to release the water. The water will flow right through the bristles and turn into steam once it touches the hot grill.


Sharper Image
Stainless Steel Steam Cleaning Grill Brush

Price: $80

Shop at Sharper Image

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Updated: July 12, 2023 — 12:01 pm