4 Black DIY Influencers Who Make Us Want to be More Creative

We all run into moments where we realize that it is better to do something ourselves rather than pay an excessive amount of money on getting it done. However, it’s also in these times when we are able to exercise our creativity and prove to ourselves just how capable we really are. This is largely why the DIY influencers on social media are so appealing.

There are so many content creators who have made their mark on respective platforms like Instagram and TikTok for showcasing their capabilities of transforming their homes and spaces with fun, creative projects. Through their work, others have been inspired to be equally innovative on their own.

If you’ve been looking for a little inspiration for that home project you need to get done, we’ve got you covered. Here are four Black home DIY influencers who inspire us to tap into our own creative bags across social media.


Elena Lohse is a Toronto-based influencer who creates DIY content in an innately unique way. Elena executes different projects with such a sense of confidence and finesse, and she shows us that it can be done as a solo job with stunning end results.


This influencer is the creator behind #BlackMenDecor. With motivational messages and relatable content, they share projects that others can replicate and utilize around their own home as well.


Being able to physically create out of an idea conceived in our heads is a big deal. TikTok content creator @kcloutt can tuft rugs into designs he sees from everything including sports mascots and anime characters.


Eryn believes that DIY can have its own luxurious touch. From renter-friendly hacks that folks can do on their own to building art walls, she makes us want to recreate sensible grandeur in our own spaces.

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Updated: July 18, 2023 — 3:01 pm