38 Black Creatives to Follow Ahead of Fashion Month

Fashion month, especially the events that happen in September, always feels like back to school. The summer is over, and you’re able to reconnect with friends and other creatives you haven’t seen in months. Those who aren’t in the industry can experience the fun from their phones thanks to some of the top Black creatives and social media.

The months-long festivities begin in New York City, aka NYFW, where designers showcase their latest collections. The event attracts fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and celebrities from all over the world, making it a global extravaganza. From glamorous runway shows to exclusive parties and presentations, the month of style provides a platform for designers to express their creativity and set trends for the upcoming seasons. With its vibrant energy and cutting-edge designs, this event has become a hub for fashion inspiration and a melting pot of diverse styles and aesthetics.

During the celebrations, each city transforms into a fashion paradise, buzzing with excitement and creativity. Events take place across various iconic venues and unique locations like art galleries and industrial spaces. Designers present their collections through runway shows, where models strut down the catwalk wearing the latest designs, accompanied by music and theatrical elements that enhance the overall experience. Fashion editors, buyers, and influencers attend the shows, capturing every detail and analyzing the trends that will shape the industry. Fashion Month sets the tone for the global fashion calendar, influencing the direction of beauty and style for the upcoming months and inspiring fashion enthusiasts worldwide to experiment with new looks.

Below, the EBONY fashion team has rounded up some of our favorite Black creatives to follow as we gear up for Fashion Month. If you want to see the runways up close and get an inside peek at some of the coolest events and parties, give these people a follow.

Zerina Akers, Stylist

Antoine Gregory, Founder, Black Fashion Fair

Alexis Bennett Parker, Senior Commerce Writer, Vogue.com

Reginald Christian, Men’s Market Manager, Saks Fifth Avenue

Jenee Naylor, Influencer

Alexander Julian, Stylist

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Global Contributing Fashion Editor-at-Large, VOGUE 

Edward Bowleg III, Stylist

Lindsay Peoples, Editor-in-Chief, The Cut

Leah Faye Cooper, Writer

Kia Desiree Goosby, Fashion Market Editor, Vanity Fair

Sean Garrette, Beauty Influencer

Naomi Elizée, Fashion Market Editor, VOGUE

Jalil Johnson, Saks Fifth Avenue

Blake Newby, Beauty, and Style Expert

Scot Louie, Stylist

Ah-Niyah Gold, Founder, A Gold Consulting

Edward Enninful, OBE, Editor-in-Chief, British VOGUE

Ruth Etiesit Samuel, Culture Reporter, Huffpost

Kevin MCInstosh Jr, Chief Executive Officer, KMJR.World

Solange Franklin Reed, Stylist

Shelton Griffith, Editor

Scarlett Newman, Writer

Terry Long, Publicist

Aria Hughes Editorial Creative Director, Complex

Thomas Waller, Senior Accessories Editor, WWD

Sandrine Charles, Founder, Sandrine Charles Consulting

Jessica C. Andrews, Fashion Director, Popsugar

Bryon Javar, Stylist

Asia Milia, Fashion and Beauty Writer, The Cut

Brycen Saunders, Fashion Editor, Hypebeast

Tyler Esosa Okuns, Stylist


Jermaine Daley, Stylist

Shelby Ying Hyde, Fashion Writer

Stixx M, Beauty Writer, Hypebae

Tenicka B, Influencer

The Yusufs, Influencers

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Updated: September 6, 2023 — 12:02 pm