3 Airport Approved Outfits For Those Early Morning Flights

Flying shouldn’t be a hassle, but let’s be real, sometimes it just is. What’s even more annoying is trying to find the perfect airport approved outfits. When flying, you want to be comfortable, but also, the saying “stay ready, so you don’t got to get ready” lives in our heads. Yes, we want to wear our favorite sweats on the plane—especially on those early summer morning flights—but honestly, some trips call for you to be fully dressed as soon as you land.

Here at EBONY, we know every travel destination is different, so some flights call for certain outfits. Below, we’ve curated 3 airport approved outfits for your early morning flights.

Chill Mode

Picture it: you’re home getting dressed for a 6-hour flight from the east coast to the west coast, and you don’t feel like wearing jeans. This jersey shirt from Gallery Dept and ‘call dad sweats’ from Dad No Kids paired with a pair of brand-new Air Force 1s is the perfect solution. You get the relaxed look you were going for, but also still look stylish and on-trend. The Dad No Kids loose-leg sweats are all anyone is wearing right now. Leave those over-worn joggers at home for now.


Gallery Dept
Jr High Jersey

Price: $385

Shop at Gallery Dept


Dad No Kids
Call Dad Sweats

Price: $70

Shop at Dad No Kids


Air Force 1 ’07

Price: $110

Shop at Nike

Ready to Vibe Out

This look features a tank top and jeans, and it is the classic ready-to-ride-out look. You can throw this on when you’re on a 3-hour flight to Miami and the day party starts at 4 pm. No need to stop at the hotel or Airbnb to change, you already look good.


Marrakshi Life
Elongated-Hem Striped Cotton Tank Top

Price: $85

Shop at Matches Fashion


Frame Denim
Extra Wide Leg Jean in Divine Rips

Price: $298

Shop at Frame Denim


Rick Owens
Pony Hair Sneakers

Price: $1000

Shop at Mr.Porter

Vacation Mode Activated

Remember when you put in your time off request back in March and your boss never approved it? YOLO! Head to the airport in this 2-piece floral set from ASOS, and it will instantly have you in a great mood your whole flight to Cancun. The first stop is the beach. Remember, when traveling somewhere tropical with your friends, an all-inclusive hotel or over-the-top villa is the move.


Asos Design
Relaxed Revere Linen Mix Shirt In Brown Hawaiian Floral Print

Price: $40

Shop at Asos


Asos Design
Wide Linen Shorts In Mid Length With Floral Print In Brown

Price: $36

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Web Slide Sandals

Price: $400

Shop at Saks Fifth Avenue

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Updated: July 25, 2023 — 9:02 am