10 Swimsuits Perfect for Pool Fun at Your Cookout

It’s summertime, so you already know it’s pool party and BBQ season. But let’s talk about this silly idea that Black folks don’t swim at cookouts—like, what even is that? Thanks to social media and all that, it’s been a running joke for way too long.

But let’s get real for a sec: historical racism and segregation have made it tough for Black families to access pools and beaches, leading to a lack of swimming skills across generations. But guess what? That narrative is changing, thanks to groups pushing for water safety and teaching swimming in Black communities.

Nowadays, Black families are breaking stereotypes and having a blast in the water at cookouts and events. And let’s not forget about all the awesome Black swim clubs, teams, and enthusiasts out there showing off their love for swimming. From competitive swimmers to beach lovers, Black folks are making waves and challenging old ideas while inspiring the next generation.

Social media is helping to spread positive images and stories of Black people in the water, showing that we belong there just as much as anyone else. By highlighting these diverse experiences, we can keep busting myths and celebrating all the cool stuff Black folks are into.

Before heading to the cookout, make sure to get rid of that old swimsuit you were supposed to toss out three summers ago. Instead, donate it and treat yourself to a new swimsuit. Take a look at the bikinis, one-pieces and swim trunks below to find your perfect fit.

Black people swimsuits

Andrea Iyamah
Capa Bikini

Price: $210

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Black people swimsuits

Halterneck Swimsuit

Price: $16

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Black people swimsuits

Victoria’s Secret
Triangle Bikini Top

Price: $25

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Black people swimsuits

Victoria’s Secret
Side-Tie Cheeky Bikini Bottom

Price: $13

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Black people swimsuits

Louisa Ballou
Black Recycled NylonOne-Piece Swimsuit

Price: $96

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Black people swimsuits

Riot Swim
Echo One Piece

Price: $150

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Black people swimsuits

Striped Swimming Trunks

Price: $30

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Black people swimsuits

Safari African Print Swim Trunks

Price: $36

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Black people swimsuits

Swim Shorts With Flame Print And Logo

Price: $78

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Black people swimsuits

Black Double Smiley Swim Shorts

Price: $106

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Black people swimsuits

Mandarin Striped 4.5″ Swim Trunks

Price: $19

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Updated: July 3, 2024 — 12:03 pm