Tobe Nwigwe Enlists EarthGang’s Olu & DUCKWRTH For “Wildlings”

The pandemic has certainly not slowed down Tobe Nwigwe this year. Despite most things on the planet being impacted by coronavirus, he’s put his best foot forth and released a ton of music. The Pandemic Project, produced by Nell, arrived in its entirety in August. Then just a few weeks ago, he offered fans, The Pandemic Experience with 37 songs in total.

And just when you thought that he might be reeling it back, he returned with a massive banger over the weekend, titled, “Wildings.” Enlisting the help of Olu from EarthGang as well as DUCKWRTH, Tobe’s latest single offers electrifying flows, funky hooks, and an uplifting message. The single also arrived with a striking set of visuals directed by Tobe Nwigwe and Nate The Director.

Quotable Lyrics
This song is for the wildings without a crown
‘Cause where we from, you can not come up ’til you get down
You know when we see twelve, we gon’ get down
So don’t make a sound
Now bring it back around

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Updated: November 17, 2020 — 5:01 pm


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