OMB Bloodbath & Westside Boogie Drop Hard-Hitting Carol “12 Days Of Bhristmas”

Though it might not feel like the holiday season, rest assured that the time is indeed nigh. And while some families may be spending Christmas apart this year, that doesn’t mean that they can’t update their holiday playlists all the same. As it happens, Love Renaissance recently came through to provide a fresh platter of holiday tunes, with one in particular standing out for obvious reasons — “12 Days Of Bhristmas,” a hard-hitting yuletide banger arriving courtesy of OMB Bloodbath and the recently renamed Westside Boogie

Crafted in the same vein as such hit Christmas drops as A$AP Twelvyy’s “12 Days Of X-Mas” and Gucci Mane’s “Jingle Bales Intro,” Bloodbath and Boogie’s modern carol comes with a healthy serving of menace. “On the first day of Bhristmas my partner gave to me,” begins Bloodbath, in his opening bars. “A brand new chopper, that bitch got them double D.” Boogie keeps the tradition alive in his own verse, spitting “Shit, on the ninth day of Bhristmas, my bitch got me a Glock / She said, “This present ain’t for you, I got this just for your opps.” The gift that keeps on giving, as he tells it. 

Check it out for yourself now, and be sure to add this one to your Christmas playlist. 


On the eighth day of Bhristmas, I was stressin’ too much 
I got no gifts from none of my hoes, them bitches petty as fuck 
The paranoia from my hood, that shit get heavy as fuck 
Can’t let you ask me where I’m at, I think you settin’ me up
Shit, on the ninth day of Bhristmas, my bitch got me a Glock 
She said, “This present ain’t for you, I got this just for your opps”

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Updated: November 17, 2020 — 12:03 pm


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