MoStack Unbottles Resentment On “Change On Me”

MoStack’s had an incredible year so far. He’s continued to etch his signature sound into the mainstream consciousness in the UK by bringing together different influences from rap to afrobeats and dancehall. He’s been riding off of the wave of 2019’s¬†Stacko while releasing some stand-out collaborations with artists like Loski and AJ Tracey while still giving fans solo records to rock out with throughout the pandemic.

This week,¬†MoStacks addresses betrayal and distrust on his latest record, “Change On Me.” The rapper’s new single opens up with a monologue of sorts with Mo saying, “Broski, do you me a favor. Feed them mans slugs and shells like a Frenchman.”

Filled with swagger and smooth vibes, MoStack’s latest offering is one that will surely stick for the coming weeks.

Quotable Lyrics
I hopped off the car then I hopped on a bike
I couldn’t find an opp, so I circled twice
I told you do your research and you didn’t revise
They see me on the ‘Gram and they think I’m lies

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Updated: November 17, 2020 — 10:02 pm


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