Jeremih’s Team Reflects On Support From 50 Cent, Chance The Rapper, & Diddy

The news that Jeremih has been fighting an alarming battle against COVID-19 has prompted prayers and well-wishes from fans and fellow artists alike. “My family’s Love and Prayers for a speedy recovery for a Legend,” wrote T.I. “pray for my boy @jeremih he’s not doing good this covid shit is real,” added 50 Cent, confirming that the acclaimed singer had spent some time in the ICU. With the virus having already ravaged many in the hip-hop community, Jeremih’s diagnosis is but another reminder of the threat humanity is collectively facing, indiscriminate in those it targets. 

Jeremih COVID-19

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Today, The Shade Room has provided an update on Jeremih’s situation, gleaned following Adam Smith’s (of Jeremih’s team) appearance on The Kenny Burns Show. “He is still ill,” confirms Smith. “There’s some complications with COVID, and he’s not out the dark yet. Any progress is better than no progress. He’s stable but he still has a way to go before anything. We’re still not out the dark, but God is the light.”

“He’s still in ICU right now,” continues Smith. “But we do have the best of the best working on him. We had a lot of people in the entertainment capacity that we reached out to, that helped us with their resources. Chance The Rapper has been super helpful. He’s been connecting us with a lot of the doctors. We connected with Puff, he connected us with his entire team at UCLA that he works with. They’re advising the hospital that J is at right now, comparing notes. They’re passing on new information, and this is a new disease — you can never have too much information.” 

He also opens up about 50 Cent’s support, confirming that they’ve known each other for a long time. “J and 50 have a long relationship,” he continues. “J has a lot of love for 50. But 50 can be insensitive, and we want people to know that J is getting better, kind of. We do generally want the prayers, not just yo I’m praying for you. Drop and pray. Really pray for his strength, pray for his healing, pray for his family.” 

Check out the message below, and be sure to show some love to Jeremih as he continues to fight for his life. 

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Updated: November 17, 2020 — 11:00 am


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