Hitmaka Recalls What Led To Maino Beef: “I Just Was On Some Bullsh*t”

It was over a decade ago when Hitmaka, then more popularly known as Yung Berg, was making headlines over his beef with New York’s Maino. The two artists had previously worked together, but Hitmaka admitted that he was struggling with addictions back then that distorted his reality, so he incited beef with Maino that wasn’t necessary. He shared his side of the story during his recent appearance on Drink Champs and took responsibility for his actions. 

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“I’m Yung Berg the artist, we’re in Atlanta and we got to the club this night. A situation had happened with me and Trick Trick already… so I had a chip on my shoulder. Me and Maino was cool, Maino was on the remix to my song ‘The Business,’ said Hitmaka. “And from there, I went in the club and N.O.R.E., I was tripping… I performed, I was kissing women on stage… And I guess I felt a way about something.”

“I kicked it off with Maino, I just was on some bullsh*t, I felt like he was trying to play me for some reason and he really wasn’t and I did some dumb sh*t.” Following the confrontation, Hitmaka said he believed it was “T.I. or somebody from Grand Hustle” that got the two on a phone call to squash their beef.

“I was just telling him my truth. Like, ‘Bro, I’m going through it, I’m in a wild space…’ And he was like, ‘Berg, I respect you, but I don’t like the people you’re hanging around. They don’t mean no good for you,'” Hitmaka remembers Maino telling him. “Like he gave me some game and I was like, ‘I appreciate that, bro.’ And then, sh*t, when I hung up the phone, I’ll never forget, I was riding in my motherf*cking Range Rover and he just started doing interviews and started talking about the incident.”

Maino had reportedly smacked Berg, and back in 2008 told a radio station, “I don’t have a problem with Yung Berg. I smacked him, that is that. I’m done with that. I’m not gonna make a song about him. I’m not gonna make a YouTube video about him…What can he do, he’s a little kid. I slapped him. I disciplined him.”

Watch Hitmaka’s Drink Champs interview below.


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Updated: November 17, 2020 — 12:04 am


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