G Herbo Connects With Onpointlikeop For “Not A Drill Rapper”

The explosive sounds of Brooklyn drill took the world by storm in 2020. Though it’s regional buzz has been at a high for over a year, the sounds that initially started in Chicago were taken and reinvented to match the cold winters on the East Coast. 

Onpointlikeop is a name that’s only beginning to catch a buzz but he’s certainly on pace to cause serious damage in the industry. The Canarsie, Brooklyn rapper has already made a dent in the local scene, and with each release, his full potential shows even more. This week, he returned with the visuals for his new single, “Not A Drill Rapper” with G Herbo. Though not the first time they’ve linked on wax, their latest collaboration delivers high-energy and hard-hitting bars.

Peep the record below.

Quotable Lyrics
We had to clear out the scene
4 deep, 4 whips, everybody tote 30s
That’s how we gon’ clear out your team
When you get on and play with the beam

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Updated: November 17, 2020 — 9:02 pm

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