50 Cent Launches New Line Of G-Unit Tracksuits

Though 50 Cent may have previously expressed a desire to “forget about G-Unit” entirely, a sentiment likely deriving from ongoing feuds with Young Buck and a general fallout with Lloyd Banks, the man clearly understands that the brand still holds value. If only due to the sheer volume of nostalgia for the crew’s legendary run in the early millennium, a time where many fans were quick to proudly boast their G-Unit apparel and shout out the group’s stuttered slogan for added emphasis.

50 Cent G-Unit

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

While G-Unit’s glory days are long beyond them, 50 Cent has officially granted the clique’s memory a spark of life with the unveiling of a new clothing capsule. “New G-Unit tracksuits available now!” announces 50, taking to Twitter to share his latest endeavor. From there, interested parties can head over to his official shop and peruse the available colorways, with a Lakers-esque gold and purple tracksuit, a more subtle black and white option, a complete camouflage variant, and a low-key yet holiday-appropriate White, red, and green. 

Warning that quantities are “very limited,” the website confirms that shipping will take place in November. Each tracksuit is listed at $129.99 USD, a pricy yet perhaps appropriate Christmas gift for the G-Unit aficionado in your life. What do you make of this merch lineup? Is 50 Cent wise to bring back G-Unit apparel, if only to cash in on the nostalgia factor?

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Updated: November 17, 2020 — 1:01 pm


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